Friday, 27 January 2012

Sometimes it's good to just blend in...

I have a fascination with Peru at the moment being that I plan a trip there sometime soon. So it was with even more delight that I discovered that this body artist/ photographer was born in Lima, Peru. Her performances involve intricate design and detailed make up to her whole body in order to fit in with and become camouflaged to her background. In all she aims to virtually disappear and become one with her background. She says of her work,

"The illusion of 'disappearing' .. is a blending, she is now 'part of the landscape' in her quest of belonging. The theme behind it all is re-location after displacement and migration and how one has to adjust in order to belong. Tough it is, but it has to be done, without forgetting our origin."

The poses she puts herself in add to the drama, and where sometimes we see the whites of her eyes, you almost feel as if you are imposing on an intimate moment. However they are viewed, they are amazing.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Hungry for Art

Stumbled across this quirky 'Sandwich Art' project by Portland based artist Brittany Powell. So you can really get a taste for your favourite art work:

Piet Mondrian

Damien Hirst

Mark Rothko

Monday, 16 January 2012

Book Landscapes

My first post of the New Year, and it's been so hectic I have no time to reflect on last year & make predictions/ aims for the year ahead as one may traditionally do so.
I'll just jump straight in with showcasing these beautiful book landscapes carved & crafted by artist Guy Laramee. In the two series entitled Biblios and The Great Wall, dense pages of old books are excavated to reveal serene mountains, plateaus, and ancient structures across the cross section of the book. It makes contour maps far more exciting to look at than the dull pages of my geography textbooks back in the day..