Wednesday, 10 July 2013

It's reigning cats and dogs

It seems just as in real life, and all over the net - it's the cats & dogs that entertain the general public the most. They are care-free, silly, awkward, unpredictable, quirky and never fail to make even the most avid animal hater smirk. You could say it's an easy laugh, guaranteed to touch the hearts of many out there, but let's face it - you have no worries of discrimination. That's not to say achieving clever, funny shots of animals is easy. The best are often by chance. So how, I ask did they manage to get a cat to be a dog in the latest O2 ad? It's absolute genius! Every move, camera angle, slight look - the references to dog are so well observed. Hope there's a 'making of' video - I bet it's hilarious. I reckon even the Cravendale cat's would give it the Thumbs up.