Thursday, 31 January 2008

Tiny Art

I've been collecting a few images lately of miniscule art - It fascinates me that these artists have so much patience and time (and eyesight) to create these masterpeices. They are intriguing, and some really do make you question scale (and our size in relation to the universe). because you have to peer more intensely at them it also makes you spend longer digesting the work.

Hand etched patterns on eggshells (have lost the link, sorry)

A tiny street Art project by Slinkachu.

Amazing but strange: chewing gum painted by Ben Wilson. Well if it's stuck there it may aswell look good!

Miniature scenes from the exhibition 'Eyes Blind Arm Outstretched' I went to by Lisa Swerling

Sexy Wordsmiths

I don't if it's just the silly hour again in our office or it has just become commonplace here, but all words seem related to sex and sexual innuendo. It came about when our resident Australian copywriter didn't know of the double meaning of 'having a Good Roast', then we realised - Are any words safe anymore? to the sexually minded thinking, it's a bit tricky. We then challenged each other to a 'word off' to think of words that aren't related ..
There that'll put you off for a bit.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

The Prosumer

This is interesting and slightly scary about the dramatic advances in technology and how we (pro)sumers use it. not too far from the truth and what might happen..

Sunday, 6 January 2008

New Year, New Places

I start a new freelance job tomorrow at start up agency Muirhoward. Ken and Ray who set up exactly a year ago are 'Kings of Integration', if there was such a title - both heading up departments in DM, Integrated and Digital agencies in the past. The new shop has three clients to date, but being hot contenders on pitch lists means more I hope (if they have more work so do I - woohoo!) So I'm hoping to give it my all this week. Maybe I'll earn brownie points for the mention? Of course my hard work and endless cheery disposition will also prove what an asset I am to a new agency. Will keep you posted..