Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Don't Poke Me!

It's been one of those unproductive days today and I've ended up blog trawling. Check out my de.li.cious page to see what I've enjoyed reading.
One extraordinary phenomena that caught my eye was on Iain Tait's blog about a new application on facebook called add my gear'. Basically it uses a new technology that is currently only built into mobiles in Japan and the US, but won't be long before it's over here. By scanning a code, the phone then follows to the webpage - or in this case your facebook profile page, rather than you typing in the URL. The application of course is designed to get more people adding friends by flirtily wearing their QR code on a t-shirt or bag (the makers of which are linked withe the FB application. So my page link would look like this:

(except my bag would be a lot cooler)

..and if you've downloaded the technology for your phone, you could then stalk me by scanning my bag (scary). Still, I think this has interesting potential for other brands. If a 'QR' code is available for certain webpages, we could see more imaginative, illustrative looking advertising, subliminally inviting you to scan and visit that site (if you happen to be at the right place at the right time etc..). But as with all new fandangled technology, it will be cool until it's widespread and overused.

Friday, 22 February 2008

Who Pays campaign

I said I'd give Rob a mention so here it is: (plus its a good idea for a really good cause)

Nonsense have done a sweet widget-y campaign for ActionAid UK, designed to get people to take the "Who Pays? pledge", in the hope that tougher regulations will be brought in to ensure UK supermarkets treat suppliers more fairly in developing countries.
You can find out more here or by watching my silly face you can either pass it on and sign up or create your own. It's fun, and has a good message behind it (plus with voice overs from Bill Bailey you can't go wrong).

How to win an argument

....Ply your Clients with Coffee!

Sounds too easy doesn't it? But according to Pearl Martin of the University of Queensland, Brisbane a few doses of caffeine can make you more easily convinced by arguments that go against your beliefs.
In 2005, her team published a paper. They suggested that stimulators in caffeine improves your ability to understand the reasoning behind strong arguments. So you are more likely to end up agreeing with something that goes against your typical views.

So those posh coffee perculators in meeting rooms aren't just for effect. You've been warned...

Water anyone?

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Spreading the Love and Creativity

It's that time of year again where everyone is under pressure to either send/receive/avoid sending/ waiting to recieve/ deliberately not sending, hesitating, do something/ not do something romantic - God love is complicated huh?
Well no it isn't. Just send a bloody card and be done worth it! Everyone likes being told they are special, so wear your heart on your sleeve and spread the love!
To help you along, I'm donating one of my designs I created for the online card company that I'm illustrating for. I would say click there and buy it, but they haven't got themselves organised (and so are missing out on one of the biggest days in the greetings card industry!) Which means my stack of designs shall have to wait 'til next year. So I'm sharing my work for free. All I ask is that you credit me and don't pretend it's your own work! (Be creative on the inside, that's the bit that counts)

Just click the picture to get a larger version, and drag to desktop/right click..then print!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Ads that think they are witty writing in the headline kind of ads.

Confused? yes the use of English in this style of writing is getting really annoying and overused. What I'm referring to is those ads that describe the product in a witty sentence, ending with the product. Example:

Grrgh! It's not funny, it's not clever and it's quite difficult to read. Think of a better way to say it.

While I'm in the mood for criticising work, another one got me last night while I was on the tube. I thought it was my drunkeness that affected my ability to understand this ad, but this morning, no, still don't get it.

Why use a visual of DIY instructions to say recycle? Am I missing something. Someone please enlighten me.
They've got a great line to work with 'Keep London Beautiful', so show beautiful recycling! (origami newspapers/ flowers made of newspapers/ beautifully shot recycling bins??)

Finally, to show I'm not all bad, here's an ad I did like. Clean, simple, no small print or confusing headline, no idea that is completely irelevant to the product. Well done BT/agency people.