Monday, 10 March 2008

Now Art is Advertising

At first when I saw this I thought it was a reverse of the ongoing debate about Advertising copying works of art, and that some piss take artist was mimicking an Ad campaign. But no, it turned out to be another case of Advertising copying advertising.
I'm referring to this latest website for the Nokia N82 series,
A character named Stavros, introduces us to his concept of 'Position Art'. He creates works of art (well, doodles over overhead maps) using GPS technology, namely on his Nokia phone.
It reminded me of the character ' Van der Puup' that Karmarama created in the 'Elite Designers Against Ikea' campaign.
I realise the concept is different, but it does mock camp 'artistes'. Saying that I do like it. particularly the work' my feelings towards my neighbour'. The video of his early techniques is quite nice too.
What does everyone think?

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