Monday, 19 May 2008


This may not be new to some of you, but I came across this article in the Sunday times and upon looking further it was relevant to project I'm currently working on at Langland.
It's about a project called 'Postsecret', initiated by Frank Warren in America. He asked members of the general public to submit their deepest darkest secrets on a plain A6 postcard. He invited people to reveal their regrets, fears, loves, desires and embarassing secrets to him anonymously; anything as long as it is true and it has never been shared before. Frank collected them together on a website after receiving over 10.000 cards in under a year. Secrets were sometimes moving or funny or just plain weird: 'I stole valium from my epileptic dog', 'I waste office supplies because I hate my boss', and 'I've always wanted to rob a bank'.
What became apparent was that by opening up their deepest thoughts, people actually began to help others, and a kind hearted supportive community developed. the project continued and he has published many books on this fascinating exploration of people and what goes on behind closed doors. For more laughs and insights visit

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