Wednesday, 27 October 2010


At first I really liked the new ad for Windows Phone 7  - it taps into the fact that all of us walk around mindlessly, engrossed in our phones, ignoring those around us. (not a new idea I know, but well executed). Then reading further I discovered that their strategy was intended to imply that the users of the phones in the ad were not in fact using Windows 7 phones, but other models, and Windows 7 will allow you to now 'Look Up'. This was only clear when the UK version changed the VO, adding: "Designed to get you in and out and back to life again". This is a pure example of the insightful thinking actually being lost on the public as I thin consumers always assume the company's product to be featured in the ad, unless it is made blindingly obvious. Not so in this case.
Anyway, we are to watch out - apparently, this is the operating system set to lead the way in a new generation of smartphones. Apple, hope you're working on the rival..

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