Friday, 27 June 2008

The Big Idea - you'll get there in the end

I went to a really interesting talk last night hosted by the She says gang. It was all about the psychology of getting an idea, and how to allow yourself to get to the eureka moment. The evening consisted of four speakers all with fascinating nuggets of information to share.
One speaker, Dawn Sillet of Creative mastery mentioned something quite interesting about how the brain works. She said that as human beings we are inanely structured to solve a problem. And that if we allow our brain to, it will come up with the goods in the end. Rather like when you forget what you wnet going upstairs for, but remember when you get back down. Or when remember the answer from the pub quiz, when you are on the way home two hours later. That is often why we get our best ideas in the bath or on the loo. it is hwile we are relaxed, and our brain subconciously makes the connections, and solves the problems that we've been struggling to earlier. So when you see Creatives mucking about on the Foossball or lounging about, it is actually work. It is good to allow the brain time to breathe. That said it is all about balance (as with everything). So we need stimulus, challenges, deadlines, motivation, stress, calm, wacky ideas and logic to come up with the best ideas.
So if you catch me running around naked, hollering like a red indian, then stopping to do a suduko, you know why.

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