Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Mary and Max

I saw a really heartwarming and beautiful animated film at the weekend. Mary and Max is a hour and half long story about two strangers that live on the other side of the globe to eachother, both struggling to get by in the odd world in which we live.
Mary Dinkle, a lonely eight year old living in Melbourne, decides
to pick someone randomly out of the phone book to write to and ask where babies come from. The lucky recipient of her bizarre questions and cherry-flavoured chocolate bar is Max Jerry Horowitz, an anxiety-ridden, forty five year old Jewish New York-en who attends over eaters anonymous once a week. Over time their questions and philosophies about the world see their friendship grow as they do. The film offers a great insight into the odd workings of human society, and lessons of friendship in a humourous and heartfelt way. The scene and characters are lovingly created from plasticine and beautifully directed by Adam Elliot.

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