Friday, 4 February 2011


Increasingly, articles are reporting that twitter has given a new lease of life to television ratings thanks to the inane banter/ heated debates that go on during programming. Now, tv producers can watch and receive realtime feedback from viewers and even interact themselves. This kind of audience engagement and consumer relationship has never occurred before.
I could never understand it - I mean, if you're watching a programme, you're watching a programme right? Wrong! Then I joined twitter. I had this inexplicable urge to let the world know my opinion and see what others were saying on the same subject. This instant conversation or eavesdropping of complete strangers was addictive. I have calmed down now, and do find 'following' twitter somewhat daunting, but you can't help but recognise the effect it has had on consumers and brands alike. You're no longer alone in voicing your opinion and shouting at the telly: you can tweet them instead. Incidentally, I love how that sounds delicate, almost like a nudge. 'Send us a tweet - it's not going to hurt'. I'm sure abuse can fit into 142 characters..

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