Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Eurostar - More like Eurotrash

me, and it's been sitting on my scanner since

Forgive me, for this post is not exactly up to the minute, since this ad for the new Eurostar was of course released when King's cross unveiled it's new platform two weeks ago. But I ripped this out because I didn't like it at the time, and it's been sitting on my scanner since. In my sorting out, I almost chucked it but I thought no - I'm in the mood for a good rant. I've looked at it again, and I still don't like it. Yes it's edgy and daring, but without sounding too much like a Daily mail journalist, I think it does a lot to damage an already loutish image across the European border. The poster shows a skin head peeing into a teacup, alluding to the Belgian fountain, ' Mannequin pis', along with the headline which translates to 'Attention! London is around the Corner'.
Eurostar has said that although Belgians love the royalty, they also like the edginess London street life has - it is a celebration of all things British. I'm sorry but have the Creatives at Hurrell and Dawson been out on the streets of London in the past twenty years? It's like looking at a tourist book that still tells you to visit Carnaby Street for the crazy punks and anti- establishment fashion. if they are trying to promote tourism they should try and be more realistic and not hold onto dated stereotypes that many cause many of the cosmopolitan Europeans to avoid visiting. As for his shaved head and painted back - Have we not got enough problem with football hooligans being 'around the corner'? I just feel it doesn't relate to the very modern image that the architects and designers of King's Cross were aspiring to and have achieved.

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