Thursday, 13 December 2007

Seasons e-greetings

Ahh, festivity is setting in now. I'm very excited but have the usual to-do lists running around my head bumping into each other and falling over, and so getting nowhere.. multiplied by ten. But I have a new venture to to dig my teeth into - card illustration. I've always loved making cards for friends and family, and last year even designed my own collections with the insane idea of launching them. But now my thought doesn't seem too far off. An online greeting's company setting up in the New year has asked me to design a collection. So i'm indulging in my passion for all things silly and doodling to my heart's content. I've also been researching the market to see what I'm up against. I have to share with you my favourites:

I've always been a fan of Vimrod and the childish Pea Tree productions. I'd also encourage any of you to send their e-cards - They're fun, free and environmentally friendly!

On the theme of environments, that leads nicely to another great not-for-profit idea set up by an old guru of mine Naresh Ramchandani,
The site invites you to do one thing each month that is easy that can make a small but very worthwhile contribution to the planet in the reduction of CO2. You can also sign up for their weekly videos and be part of a whole community - some members competitivly trying to be the greenest. So I'm doing my bit and making a lot of my christmas presents this year. (sorry family- Hope you appreciate the love, care and time's a bit tight this year!)
Incidentally, if you haven't got round to writing your cards this year, send an amusing e-card from them too, and save our trees! (sounds good doesn't it?)

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