Monday, 31 December 2007

S4C Idents

Last message of the year (ho ho).
Watched endless crap telly, classic films, & reading glossy magazines has left me craving some knowledge to awaken my senses. So I've caught up on the pile of Creative Review's that I never get round to. My favourite piece was about some mind blowing idents made for Welsh channel S4C by Proud Creative. They involve live action scenes and landscapes of wales that change and respond to the voiceover's tones and sounds - how technically amazing is that? So depending ton the volume, intonation, any pauses or stutter's, the live action that has been filmed reacts and changes accordingly. Therefore no one ident is ever the same. The clever coding skills were that of directors at Minivegas.

Signage in the car park moves in response to the voiceover

Read more of this on Cr blog.

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