Thursday, 19 February 2009

Rip Off!

Yes it has been a LONG time since I posted something here - that's partly to do with my new job & adjusting to being a full-timer & partly because I forgot my password to get in!
Anyway, several posts missed, I have yet another rant to share - This is relating to my first discussion back in Nov 07 about advertising creatives ripping off artists ; an ongoing debate that I think will continue since creatives naturally look to the artworld for inspiration. The solution I think to making sure you are always original is to be aware of all this stuff, but keep your self interested by anything and everything going on in the world. Expose yourself to not only art, but to literature, politics, talks on the science world, articles on Ugandan garners and their crops. Everything feeds the creative brain subconsciously - it's how you dip into it that is the clever bit. i am a of course a hypocrite of my own words, as I tend to follow my main interests and fall into a trap of reading the same blogs & visiting familiar websites, but I do try to venture elsewhere.
So back to the reason I have brought this up again - the recent BBC trailer for Radio 6 as created by RKCR/Y & R. In it, an animated character graffitied on the wall grows ears and gravitates towards wherever there is music. All fine. Concept relates to the client. Except it
uses EXACTLY the same technique, if not style of the well - known artist BLU, who I showcased here back in June. His work spread around the net like wildfire, basically because it was so great. So to see it replicated for an ad frustrates me so. Basically because the creators of Radio 6 get all the credit for being innovative and groundbreaking creatively, while the artist doesn't receive such acclaim as he deserves. That's why we have to spread the news on blogs like this!

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