Wednesday, 30 June 2010

I'm Notworking

So I went along to my first glug event the other night to see what it was all about. It's one of these growing trends of 'meetups' where online communities encourage members to meet face to face with like-minded individuals - like the good old days of networking before the rise of the internet. I'm all for this as I'm a real people person and you just don't gauge what someone is like just from an online conversation. (besides I'm much faster at talking than typing!)

Glug meets once a month in London to bring together designers, creatives, clients and friends to chat, watch talks and glug down a few drinks. It was set up by
Ian Hambleton of Studio Output and Nick Clement of Made Studio and seems have have grown enormously over the past year or so. Last night was more of a general eet strangers and have a good night, as it was primarily aimed at Graduates in collaboration with the D & AD New Blood ceremony earlier in the day. However I had a great time chatting to randoms and meeting members of Glue, Wyld Stallions animators and the illustrations of Agency Rush doodling away throughout the night. I expect there'll be photos and more on their site here - see you at the next one!

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