Friday, 2 July 2010


Another successful industry event! Wow, was I inspired or what? I found as the day got on my mind was racing with ideas and my hand couldn't write fast enough, with all the notes I was taking. (All the more reason for me to get one big huge Wacom tablet methinks, then I can literally use it as a layout pad). The event lasted afternoon to evening with ten top speakers showcasing some of their interesting work to date, including some top secret ideas in progress. Ranging from social media, interaction, brand strategy, online gaming to digital design, my eyes were digitally opened. There's almost too much to mention in one post, so I'll tap into individual projects in future, but to summarise, here's what I learnt:

  • If you want to try something new and innovative & you're being constrained by those in fear - do it anyway. You never know what opportunities it'll open up in future, and you'll probably end up impressing those who doubted you in the first place.

  • Information is there to be SHARED with others. Most people have a creative side and will undoubtedly receive your knowledge with open arms, and you'll always get something back in return.

  • Partnerships in agencies are becoming more important. The Agency preaching to the supplier is fast becoming a dying model, as both parties prove to profit from collaborating and meeting clients needs in an ever changing market, with tighter budgets and greater expectations.

  • Data capture via twitter: the possibilities are endless*
    *I have many an example to post here later

  • Data capture doesn't have to be Big Brother - it can actually be very useful & important in changing services and preventing serious accidents.

  • I'm bored with my portfolio. All this new media is so exciting, I'm going to work on my own briefs next week!

  • Familiar objects are now not what they seem: TVs are four dimensional, poster's talk to you, radios are weather vanes, fridges work for Weightwatchers and plants are very demanding!

  • If you have the right creatives on board, you could remotely control your boyfriend
    (thanks to Nicola, Nikki & Jules for some fun brainstorming. Watch this space people..)

  • Clients should always have a crisis plan. There are too many creative, witty, computer geeks out there that are quick on the mark to be anti-brand.
So there we have it. I feel like I've been playing catch-up, and by the time I research all the various sites mentioned yesterday, there will be thousands more great ideas developing, but it has definitely made me less fearful of venturing into the unknown, and very excited to work on new briefs in this way.

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