Thursday, 7 February 2008

Ads that think they are witty writing in the headline kind of ads.

Confused? yes the use of English in this style of writing is getting really annoying and overused. What I'm referring to is those ads that describe the product in a witty sentence, ending with the product. Example:

Grrgh! It's not funny, it's not clever and it's quite difficult to read. Think of a better way to say it.

While I'm in the mood for criticising work, another one got me last night while I was on the tube. I thought it was my drunkeness that affected my ability to understand this ad, but this morning, no, still don't get it.

Why use a visual of DIY instructions to say recycle? Am I missing something. Someone please enlighten me.
They've got a great line to work with 'Keep London Beautiful', so show beautiful recycling! (origami newspapers/ flowers made of newspapers/ beautifully shot recycling bins??)

Finally, to show I'm not all bad, here's an ad I did like. Clean, simple, no small print or confusing headline, no idea that is completely irelevant to the product. Well done BT/agency people.

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