Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Don't Poke Me!

It's been one of those unproductive days today and I've ended up blog trawling. Check out my de.li.cious page to see what I've enjoyed reading.
One extraordinary phenomena that caught my eye was on Iain Tait's blog about a new application on facebook called add my gear'. Basically it uses a new technology that is currently only built into mobiles in Japan and the US, but won't be long before it's over here. By scanning a code, the phone then follows to the webpage - or in this case your facebook profile page, rather than you typing in the URL. The application of course is designed to get more people adding friends by flirtily wearing their QR code on a t-shirt or bag (the makers of which are linked withe the FB application. So my page link would look like this:

(except my bag would be a lot cooler)

..and if you've downloaded the technology for your phone, you could then stalk me by scanning my bag (scary). Still, I think this has interesting potential for other brands. If a 'QR' code is available for certain webpages, we could see more imaginative, illustrative looking advertising, subliminally inviting you to scan and visit that site (if you happen to be at the right place at the right time etc..). But as with all new fandangled technology, it will be cool until it's widespread and overused.

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