Wednesday, 28 July 2010

BP cares

As BP share prices are going down feeling the full brunt of their catastrophe, it seems appropriate for me to share with you this most amusing public backlash on the scandal. Created by Leroy Stick an identical 'Twitter' site from BP appears to make apologies to the public. The writer's dry wit is hilarious as he appears to make attempts to excuse BP. But he has a serious message behind it. In his words, he set it up "because BP is more concerned about saving face than they are about saving the coast".  He is one of many consumers I'm sure who are starting to really think about the brands they choose and what they stand for. he wants to get his message across to other Americans to really think about the Oil they putit in their cars everyday. He has also linked up with StreetGiant, who sell t-shirts as part of his Foundation he's setting up; a non-profit organization that will focus on funding publicity stunts and projects to direct attention towards corporate irresponsibility.
Follow his amusing twitterings here.

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