Thursday, 8 July 2010

Travel and play!

One of the amazing examples of digital advancements that made me sit up at the Scamp conference last week was the presentation by Katie Lindemann about the early development of a data capture game using Oyster cards called Chromaroma. In alpha form, users can join up and play the game which measures & rewards points for travellers who make faster journeys, visit regular stations or work as part of a team. The competitive and fun side of it means it's almost like playing monopoly when you're commuting to work anyway - that's what I like about it; it's so simple. In it's early form, Chromaroma work in partnership with TFL, which actually provides them with useful information which they can then use to improve services (i.e by monitoring congestion areas..) Users information is not shared with any other company, and the designers behind it are adamant it does not become a big brother style operation. Cynics out there will suggest otherwise. (yes some of us did discuss how there's probably an app being developed out there right now for stalkers..creepy) But I thought it was a great example of how all this data capture can be interesting, useful and FUN!

Chromaroma Visualisation
from Mudlark on Vimeo.

I also note it is a more sophisticated and up to date version of my Pacman based game 'Con-Man'.

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