Tuesday, 13 November 2007


This is game a created spurred on by my increasing frustration with Mr Livingstone and his irritating rules affecting the way Londoners can move around the town. Obviously it is a take on the seventies classic, Pac Man with Ken Livingstoone as the ghosts that chase you around as you try to escape out of the congestion zone.
Con Man must collect as many £1 coins as possible before being set free.
Ghost Ken's eye's bulge as you feed Con Man. For every £8 (current congestion charge) you collect, a wall will open up, allowing you more access to be set free from the lingering ghosts set on keeping you in.
Ideas for other levels involve encouraging you to go to expensive tourist attractions, and the congestion zone expanding on harder levels.

My second related game still to be developed is based on the bloody oyster card that is also another one of Ken's flawed systems. Watch this space.

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