Friday, 2 November 2007


For those of you interested in advertising, I went to a talk last night organised by the lovely Ale and her friend Emma of Shesays; a project set up to encourage more women into digital advertising. Since I'm having trouble finding work in ABL and Integrated where my experience lies, I'm trying to venture into digital and adjust my portfolio as so. It's actually a lot of fun (maybe because it's new & the novelty is still there! ) and I feel a lot more up to date with what audiences are doing and bothering to interact with, advertising wise. It's about being a bit more clever with your way in and not annoying - I for one can't stand the endless emails I get from brands that have got my details from something else I signed up for.
Anyway, Wednesday's talk was all about how to work better with clients and productively achieve what you both want. The general consensus was that there needs to be more development of the briefing at an early stage and collaboration with the other aagencies involved, so that the digital arm doesn't end up having to just create an extension of someone else's idea - I tell you - if you were from an ABL agency you would have got trampled on by all the digital girls with their broomsticks! All in all it was a good evening , I met some lovely people and look forward to the party !!!

Incidentally - here's an article I saw in Thursday's Evening Standard promoting the very point that Shesays is all for:

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