Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Creative Futures


Tuesday was the Creative Futures event by Creative Review, at the 3Rooms (which by the way was a very cool space designed by Tom Dixon). But the main point of the evening was two talks by up and coming creative types. First was a presentation by a Danish photographer, Popel Coumou. Her work consists of dramatically lit empty interiors, often with one piece of furniture and an opening of some sort - a window or doorway. But what was different in her work was the process by which she achieves such images. To look at the images at first, they have a somewhat illustrative or painted feel. Yet the lighting and sharp edges suggests it is actually a three dimensional form that has been photographed. But, during the big reveal in her presentations, (a few has floated around the room) She showed us that in fact she created all of her interiors on 2D collages on a sheet of A4 paper. by cutting out various types of paper, sometimes including squashed clay forms eg. to make a mattress, she then lights from behind, and the side to enhance the shadows and forms. the result is quite mysterious, almost solemn spaces, that Popel says, contain stories that can be interpreted by the viewer.
For me it was intriguing and nice to see original artwork, what with all this talk of copying going on.
The second talk was by Samuel Akesson and Tomas Mankovsky of Fallon, the two creatives behind the beautiful Orange 'Magic Numbers' campaign and the recent Sony Walkman ads.
They shared with us their sources of inspiration and some of the pictures that they collect that later end up being used in some of their briefs for Fallon. they also told of some amusing stunts they did in Sweden while still at college, one involving changing all of the signs on the underground, in order to bring Venice to the city, resulting in a lot of confused commuters. They are obviously talented young guys, with lots of energy still to give.

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