Monday, 12 November 2007

What the blog's it all about?

I am starting to feel like a computer geek who is permanently attached to the internet all day and night - for that is what I have been doing for the past twelve hours. Reading, researching, joining file sharing sites, registering for this blog, and that site - just to be in the blogging know! I feel like a teenager who has developed late, while everyone is else is getting off at the party. I think I'm bloggerfordummies most frequent visitor, as well as testing bloggerbeta and blogger tips and tricks and that's just been to set the whole thing up - before I start mingling in the blogging community, and adding my snippets to everyones else's sites in the hope that they visit mine. God it really is like a party that you've invited yourself to, and you have to make an entrance, and be full of interesting gossip! Except it's all virtual. I think I prefer to meet people face to face. I can see exactly why Russell Davis set up his coffee mornings now - and look at him - he must be the most famous serial blogger of the creative community. Now that I've spent all of today within the confines of four walls I owe it to myself to get out there and experience life so that I have comments of my own to post and don't become a blogger who is just excellent at trawling other sites and referencing them. (it's very easy to slip into). Plus I do actually have to get on with some real work, so that I can post more recent stuff on here. In the meantime, to show for my past twelve hours of 'research' I have a very full delicious page if anyone wants some links!

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